Workout Journal – April 18

I’m posting this a day late. I dropped the ball on typing it up. Sorry! I’ve been pretty busy with my children’s activities, so I’ve only been doing 1 type of workout per day (as opposed to running in the morning and P90X in the afternoon). I would like to have time to do two workouts a day again, but not at the cost of spending time with my family. Saturdays and Sundays will pretty much always be one workout kind of days because my children are home all day, but the weekdays have been pretty busy for us as well. So for now, one a day is how it needs to be.
Here’s what I did:

Saturday, April 12 – P90X Legs & Back

Sunday, April 13 – P90X Kenpo-X

Monday, April 14 – P90X X-Stretch

Tuesday, April 15 – Rest Day.  I picked up our van, which is now transmission fluid leak-free, and my 1st grade daughter had her first school concert in the evening. She had a speaking part that she was very nervous about.  Her daddy and I went over her line with her over and over again. She did a fantastic job! She was completely adorable, too!

Wednesday, April 16 – P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps.

Thursday, April 17 – I attempted a 3 mile run plus intervals. At the 2 mile mark I was at an average pace of 9:55 minutes per mile and then I had my first asthma attack in 2 years. So disappointing and scary. I was able to recover and walk slowly home. I’ve been drinking Breathe Easy tea and Nettle tea to help with the chest congestion and allergies.

Friday, April 18 – P90X Back & Biceps

So there’s my week, nothing too exciting workout-wise, but I got in some type of physical exercise 6 days, so I’m choosing to be content with that. Hopefully my lungs will clear up so that I can get in a few more runs next week.

How have you been exercising this week?


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