Workout Journal & Flex Friday – March 28

I’ve decided to start posting a workout journal and sometimes participate in #FlexFriday. I’m going to be posting what I’ve been doing as far as exercise. And occasionally, like today, I will be posting some muscle progression pics (#FlexFriday). I’m excited to be back to blogging so I can do this and hopefully encourage others while also holding myself accountable.

Because I’m working on a 10K training plan, there will be quite a bit of running in my workout journal. I’m also loosely following a P90X plan. By loosely I mean that I will take a day off if I feel like my body needs the rest and then pick back up where I left off the next day. So, for example, I’m on day 32 today which is Yoga-X. If I felt like I needed the day off to rest, then I would just do day 32 (Yoga-X) tomorrow. Some days I am also replacing the plyo and kenpo with Brazil Butt Lift workouts.  Make sense? Hope so!

Since this is my first Workout Journal post, I will just start from last Saturday.

My Week of Exercise:
Saturday, March 22 – Rest Day
Sunday, March 23 – 2.22 mile run/walk at 10:57 minute/mile pace in the afternoon
Monday, March 24 – P90X X-Stretch
Tuesday, March 25 – 4.06 mile run/walk at 9:47 minute/mile pace in the morning and P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps in the afternoon
Wednesday, March 26 – 3.42 mile run/walk with 3 miles steady then 3 sets of 20 second fast intervals for a final pace of 11:02 minutes/mile in the morning and Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum and High & Tight in the afternoon
Thursday, March 27 – P90X Back & Biceps in the afternoon
Friday, March 28 – 4.03 mile run/walk at a 10:56 mile/minute pace in the early afternoon and P90X Yoga-X later in the day.

Something I learned (twice, I’m a slow learner I guess) this week is that it’s a bad idea to sleep through my morning run and do it later in the day (see Sunday and today). I end up running while not properly fueled and I miss that morning burst of energy and my performance suffers. But, at least I got it done. It is also cooler in the mornings, which will be very valuable to me in a few months when I’m running in the Texas Summer heat.

Of course it wouldn’t be Flex Friday without a muscle picture! I’m super proud of how my shoulder muscles are shaping up. Here’s a picture I had my husband take last night:


I'm loving the definition that's coming back!

Here’s another shot that I managed to get in the mirror:


Delts & Traps!

My Plott Hound, Roux-B also has a Flex Friday contribution as well. Here she is after our 4 mile run in the 80° Texas sun:


"What have you done to me?!"

I finally managed to tire her out…for a little while at least!

What have you been up to for exercise this week? Leave a comment and let me know!


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