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Workout Journal & Flex Friday – March 28

I’ve decided to start posting a workout journal and sometimes participate in #FlexFriday. I’m going to be posting what I’ve been doing as far as exercise. And occasionally, like today, I will be posting some muscle progression pics (#FlexFriday). I’m excited to be back to blogging so I can do this and hopefully encourage others while also holding myself accountable.

Because I’m working on a 10K training plan, there will be quite a bit of running in my workout journal. I’m also loosely following a P90X plan. By loosely I mean that I will take a day off if I feel like my body needs the rest and then pick back up where I left off the next day. So, for example, I’m on day 32 today which is Yoga-X. If I felt like I needed the day off to rest, then I would just do day 32 (Yoga-X) tomorrow. Some days I am also replacing the plyo and kenpo with Brazil Butt Lift workouts.  Make sense? Hope so!

Since this is my first Workout Journal post, I will just start from last Saturday.

My Week of Exercise:
Saturday, March 22 – Rest Day
Sunday, March 23 – 2.22 mile run/walk at 10:57 minute/mile pace in the afternoon
Monday, March 24 – P90X X-Stretch
Tuesday, March 25 – 4.06 mile run/walk at 9:47 minute/mile pace in the morning and P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps in the afternoon
Wednesday, March 26 – 3.42 mile run/walk with 3 miles steady then 3 sets of 20 second fast intervals for a final pace of 11:02 minutes/mile in the morning and Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum and High & Tight in the afternoon
Thursday, March 27 – P90X Back & Biceps in the afternoon
Friday, March 28 – 4.03 mile run/walk at a 10:56 mile/minute pace in the early afternoon and P90X Yoga-X later in the day.

Something I learned (twice, I’m a slow learner I guess) this week is that it’s a bad idea to sleep through my morning run and do it later in the day (see Sunday and today). I end up running while not properly fueled and I miss that morning burst of energy and my performance suffers. But, at least I got it done. It is also cooler in the mornings, which will be very valuable to me in a few months when I’m running in the Texas Summer heat.

Of course it wouldn’t be Flex Friday without a muscle picture! I’m super proud of how my shoulder muscles are shaping up. Here’s a picture I had my husband take last night:


I'm loving the definition that's coming back!

Here’s another shot that I managed to get in the mirror:


Delts & Traps!

My Plott Hound, Roux-B also has a Flex Friday contribution as well. Here she is after our 4 mile run in the 80° Texas sun:


"What have you done to me?!"

I finally managed to tire her out…for a little while at least!

What have you been up to for exercise this week? Leave a comment and let me know!


I’m Back: A Whole New Look for A Whole New Me

 Welcome to my new blog!


It has been way too long since I have blogged, I know. So much has happened in the past 10 months. I’ll try to sum it up as briefly as possible, and then I will get into why I have started a new blog with a new name.


Last I blogged, I had just moved to Austin from New Orleans. It was a stressful move and my husband’s new job was not exactly as wonderful as his employers had made it seem in the interview process. We had been told that Austin was very similar to New Orleans. Not quite. Sure there’s good food, but it’s BBQ, Tex-Mex, and Breakfast Tacos rather than Po-Boys, Seafood, and Beignets. Austin is the self-proclaimed Live Music Capital of the World (or something like that), but New Orleans has way more (and better) live music. I had thought New Orleans drivers were bad, but Austinites are just ridiculous! Austin’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” (I have no idea if that is official or not). I came to the conclusion one night while out on a date with my husband that Austin is kind of like New Orleans’ nerdy little sister: it’s often just trying way too hard to be cool and it is very obvious.

But Austin is growing on me and there are some very good benefits to living here and there are a lot of things that I do like about living here. For one thing, I LOVE that our neighborhood is very multi-cultural. New Orleans is still very culturally segregated, and that really makes me so very sad. Austin also has a LOT of hills, which have been very beneficial to my running routine. I already mentioned the BBQ, Tex-Mex, and Breakfast Tacos. We have found an amazing church where my husband is now on staff as the Technical Director. It was a huge blessing for him to be able to take the job there. We have started making some amazing friends. The kids have awesome teachers at their new school and even have a few classmates/friends in the neighborhood that they play with on the weekends. And most importantly, this is where God has told us we are to be. Oh, and the Texas sky is just gorgeous at almost any point in time.

See what I mean?! Gorgeous!

See what I mean?! Gorgeous!


When we first moved here, I had just started on a low-dose birth control pill that the doctor had insisted was the only thing that would help my would help the hormonal problems I had been having. Against my better judgment, I started taking them because I let her degree cause me to second guess myself. It was a disaster! It fixed a couple of the physical problems (by masking them) but caused even more emotional problems. It kicked me into a major depression and I gained almost 20 pounds. I ended up quitting the BC and reading The Hormone Cure by Dr. Sara Gottfried. It took a while to get myself straightened out after the BC, and I’m still tweaking things a bit, but I have begun to lose some of the weight I put on as well as add back some of the muscle I lost while depressed and not working out. I have completed a Couch to 5K running plan and now I am onto a plan that will (hopefully) have me running  a 10K in under 60 minutes. I am well on my way there as I ran 4.06 (that 0.06 is important, yo!)  miles this morning with a pace of 9:48 minutes/mile. Most importantly, my emotional state is so much better! It is more steady and not so up and down like it was while on the BC and just after quitting.


Ok, so now onto WHY I have changed my blog name and focus:


Honestly, the reason I changed blogs is because God told me to. My old blog was mine, and only mine. This blog belongs to Him. You see, when I started up my old blog, I was focused primarily on the external aesthetics (mainly mine). But God wants my focus on the internal, because that’s where His focus is. He cares more about my spiritual state than my physical state. He cares more about my attitude than my performance.

This new blog is going to focus on all the areas in our lives that we need to nourish and work out. Yep, keeping our physical bodies healthy is important, but it is not more important than being spiritually healthy or having healthy relationships or being emotionally healthy or having a healthy control of our finances or… well, you get the idea. Food and fitness are just one part of a very big picture. They are just one part of my very full life, a life I would like to share with you.

My goal is to post at least twice a week. Some will be short while others will be more in-depth. I will still mainly be posting about my fitness routine and foods, but I have some other areas I’d like to blog about as well. My old blog felt very restrictive. I made it into a place where I didn’t feel I had the freedom to branch out into other areas. I’d pigeonholed myself.  Now, I will be blogging about faith, family, friends, fitness, food, and fun!